low energy Bluetooth(LE) Audio Is The Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio

 low energy Bluetooth(LE) Audio Is The Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio

low energy Bluetooth(LE) Audio Is The Next Generation of Bluetooth Audio .The presence of a large number of wireless headphones and the absence of the traditional headphone jack on most new devices has changed the way people listen to music, in the last couple of years. Bluetooth-powered wireless audio products have flooded the market. Now, things are about to get even better with a new version of Bluetooth, aimed towards making wireless audio even better. Bluetooth is getting a much-needed upgrade in 2020. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) on Tuesday announced a new “LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio” which is being touted as the next generation of Bluetooth audio.

The group says Bluetooth LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio will improve audio experience for users. This includes delivering high-quality and low power audio code. The feature is likely to help device manufacturers to ensure higher audio quality without worrying about power consumption.

Another important update that the new Bluetooth technology brings in Multi-Stream Audio. As the name implies, it brings ability to stream the “transmission of multiple, independent, synchronized audio streams between an audio source device.”

“Developers will be able to use the Multi-Stream Audio feature to improve the performance of products like truly wireless earbuds,” said Nick Hunn, CTO of WiFore Consulting and Chair of the Bluetooth SIG Hearing Aid Working Group. “For example, they can provide a better stereo imaging experience, make the use of voice assistant services more seamless, and make switching between multiple audio source devices smoother.”

Bluetooth LOW ENERGY (LE) Audio’s another noble feature is aimed at helping users with hearing disabilities.

“Bluetooth audio has brought significant benefits to a large percentage of the global population, with wireless calling, listening, and watching. LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio will enable the development of Bluetooth hearing aids that bring all the benefits of Bluetooth audio to the growing number of people with hearing loss,” said the group in a release.

At CES 2020, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced what it calls the next generation of Bluetooth audio, LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio. The new standard will enhance overall audio performance over a Bluetooth connection, add support for more hearing aids, and add new useful features.

While Bluetooth has had a low-energy mode since 2012, wireless audio devices with higher power needs always ended up using more bandwidth. With a low-energy mode for audio, wireless audio devices will end up consuming lesser battery while being capable of doing a lot more. LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio will allow wireless audio transmission over the low-energy spectrum using a new compression algorithm.

LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio will still maintain high-quality audio output while transmitting audio over the low-energy spectrum. New devices built using the upcoming Bluetooth standard will be able to double their existing playtime. Devices could also end up getting more compact over the year as battery sizes can be reduced due to performance gains.

The new standard will also include multi-stream audio support. Right now, truly wireless earbuds use a single-stream connection which can cause performance issues. With LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio, truly wireless earbuds and other audio sink devices will be able to offer a better stereo imaging experience. Switching between multiple audio sources is also promised to get better.

LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio will enable Broadcast Audio, letting users broadcast audio to one or more devices at the same time. 'Bluetooth Audio Sharing' can be personal or location-based, letting people share audio with those around them and large public locations can also broadcast audio to a large number of users to improve their visitor experience. LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio will also add support for hearing aids. Manufacturers will be able to build Bluetooth-powered hearing aids that can make lives easier for those suffering from hearing loss. Bluetooth SIG says specifications for LOW ENERGY BLUETOOTH (LE) Audio will be released in the first half of 2020.

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